Client Background:

Our client, a sales agency, faced a common challenge within their industry – the inability to effectively prospect properties due to a lack of essential data, such as property addresses, owner names, and contact details.

Main Challenge:

The main challenge faced by the client was the absence of comprehensive data required for effective property prospecting. Without accurate property information and owner contact details, sales agents were unable to reach potential clients and market properties in their sales area efficiently.

Project Overview:

The project involved conducting data mining activities to acquire owner contact information. With the primary objective to obtain accurate and up-to-date contact details for property owners, enabling clients to enhance their prospecting efforts significantly.

Key Stakeholders Involved:

The key stakeholders included the sales agents who relied upon the acquired contact details for their prospecting activities, as well as the property owners who were potential clients.

Project Execution:

Our team of Virtual Assistants executed the project by employing various data mining techniques and tools to extract property details and owner contact information. With a comprehensive approach, REassist ensured a high level of accuracy and efficiency throughout the process in obtaining this key information.

Project Outcome:

As a result, REassist was able to obtain a substantial amount of over 70% of phone numbers and email addresses of property owners in their core sales area. This significant achievement provided the sales agents with the necessary information to initiate successful prospecting activities and establish connections with potential clients.

Recommendations Based on Findings:

Based on the findings of this case study, we recommend the implementation of Virtual Assistants to conduct data mining tasks, allowing sales agents more time to focus on prospecting. By leveraging Virtual Assistants, your business can efficiently gather the required property and owner information, saving time and resources.


This project highlighted the importance of data mining and how leveraging Virtual Assistants to perform this task can save you time and obtain essential information. The REassist team’s services and expertise allowed the client to experience a remarkable improvement in their prospecting capabilities, leading to enhanced sales opportunities and business growth.

At REassist we offer data mining as a service, specifically focused on obtaining owner contact information for the purpose of prospecting. By utilising our Virtual Assistant’s expertise and tools, we are able to assist businesses in obtaining accurate and relevant contact details.

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