At REassist we value our virtual assistants and focus on maintaining a safe and happy environment within the workplace. Recently we held a week-long celebration for Valentine’s Day, themed “We Breathe Love”. We incorporated a series of events, contests and even food from “Heart Bites” were provided by REassist for all virtual assistants and team members.

Throughout the week we held numerous events and contests:

  • We kicked off with a “Name that Love Tunes”. Four musical notes were played via our message board and whoever guessed the correct title of the song won. There were ten lucky winners who guessed correctly.
  • We followed with the announcement for the “One Line for Valentine, Love is?” contest. Each participant had to interpret what they think is the meaning of Love. Two one-line messages won this contest.
  • On February 14, being Valentine’s Day, all virtual assistants and team leaders wore red, black, white, grey and other matching colours to celebrate the day. These are the colour hues of the virtual assistants on “Wear your colour status on Valentine’s Day”. This is another competition and 1 pair stood out from the rest and won the challenge.
  • Later in the afternoon of Valentine’s Day, we were all serenaded with acoustic music from an invited local singer. The virtual assistants were able to request their favourite songs. They were all very excited as participating in live music is rare in their communities. There were many requests for this type of event to be held again. REassist will be looking to organise this type of event again in the near future as it certainly proved the highlight of the week for all team members.
  • On Friday, February 17, we closed the week with Heart Bingo and Matchy Catchy Valentines Date as part of the culminating activity of the Valentine’s Week Celebration.

Separate to the festivities of the week, as an organisation committed to the health and well-being of their virtual assistants and team members, REassist organised free HIV screening which was conducted on the premises on the morning of Valentine’s Day. All staff were eager to participate to ensure their HIV status as a reminder to pass the love and not the worry.

Event photo gallery:

Watch the video of the REassist team being serenaded by a live performer!