We provide support for Residential Sales with 5 service packs.

Based on our client’s feedback, we’ve created service packs that provide multi-level support to Agents and Agencies for database management and Sales Admin functions. 

Be empowered with support packs!

Buyer Care Service

Clean & maintain incoming database Contacts to keep GeoData growing

Prospect Nurturing Service

Stay top of mind and drive appraisal requests by the ongoing nurturing of relationships with GeoData Contacts

Office Admin Support Service

Access additional support for Agency management reporting, market data and sales analysis.

Elite Just Listed / Sold Support Pack

Formulation of Magic 50’s, DL’s, EDM’s, Vendor Reports, Local Listings reports plus Signboard management and Auction Invitation distribution.

Sales Assistant Service

Dedicated Support to action your To-Do list whilst you focus on dollar productive tasks outside of the office. 

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Some examples of how things get done…

We do things how your team needs them done. Having accumulated years of experience completing processes we understand that, whilst similar, most Offices do things slightly differently. Subsequently our onboarding system is bespoke but simple. So if you want things done your way… No problem. But should you need some help to lock down a process… We can help here too. Below are some examples of the things VA’s do in Residential Sales Admin….

Actioning Duplicates.

Actioning Duplicates in your MDT is a foundation task for the activation of Active Pipe…the key driver of Appraisal Requests.

Refreshing Geo-data

Ensuring that the right owner gets the right information about the right property is essential to lead generation and brand loyalty.

Correcting Salutations

Sending the right information, addressed correctly to the right person, is essential for digital engagement, relationship development and ultimately Appraisal Requests.

Rescuing contacts with bouncing emails

Don’t write off contacts whose emails may initially bounce. These are often easily correctable.

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