Data Security and Privacy has become the major focus for all businesses and individuals. Recent breaches within Australian based organisations have raised alarm bells in relation to the protection of data to avoid any random hackings. 

We have systems and policies in place and continue to invest in further technology and infrastructure to maintain a high level of protection.  

It is worth noting that all REassist workstations are company owned, with each managed via monitoring software that maintains antivirus software, verifies activity, provides real time updates and prohibits staff accessing unauthorised websites and applications. Firewalls are also in place which are configured to detect and block hacking and other potential threats.

Should you have any questions or specific concerns please don’t hesitate to let us know.

CLICK HERE or call: Toll Free in Australia: 1300 672 774, Calling from Overseas: +61 73 251 3373 or New Zealand: +64 9-871 0293.

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