At REassist we enjoy celebrating our Team. Team Building and regular events promote a positive workplace environment. We believe celebrating achievements and giving our staff bonding time enhances team morale creating a happy high-level workplace.

We continue to celebrate regularly within the team and would like to share with you what we have been up to over the last few months:

May Events – Mother’s Day

In the month of May, we celebrated Mother’s Day in the Philippines with lunch, gift packs and a serenade by the talented duo of Tan (our Training Coordinator), to all the Mothers who were able to attend.

Mothers Day


June Events – Father’s Day.

This is the day we honour Fathers in the workforce. It is the perfect opportunity to recognise and thank the hard-working Dads for putting in an effort regardless of circumstances. We present them with an appreciation token along with an early dinner after their shift in the office. By doing so, it’s a great way to let all the Dads bond and allow them to relax over some good food.

Fathers Day


July Events –  It was our REassist 7th Year Anniversary.

REassist celebrated their 7th Anniversary in July and took this prime opportunity to thank employees for their dedication and hard work. One  highlight of REassist’s 7th Anniversary was to reward tenured employees who have stayed with the company over the years, as well as recognising employees’ achievements during the second quarter. We all participated in a variety of games with prizes to the winners.  REassist gave each staff member a small but thoughtful gift to help them feel appreciated. These included personalised mugs, t-shirts, name pins and umbrellas that had the REassist logo as a part of our branding campaign.

7th Year Anniversary


August EventsRay White Connect 2022 Expo on the Gold Coast, Australia.

REassist were recently invited to participate in the Ray White 2022 Connect Conference as a trade supplier. This provided REassist the opportunity to not only meet with our many current clients, but also to answer questions from those wanting to know more.   Reassist was thrilled to be given the opportunity of finally meeting some of their own REA colleagues in Australia – whom they had not met in person prior to this event.

Thanks to all those who came by and said Hello, many of whom were able to meet face to face for the first time,  our General Manager, Andrew Dixon, as well as our Accounts Manager, Kerry Brown.

August Trade Show