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Commercial Sales & Administration

Commercial PM management is a set of tasks that need to be completed in a systematic, regular, scheduled and consistent manner coupled with an enormous number of Administrative tasks that require follow up, system cross-pollination, data-mining, filing, record keeping and data-basing.

Creating a plan with your Ray White Commercial BDE is often the best way to get things started.

Commercial Sales & Admin Commonly Outsourced Tasks


Database Cleanup

Preparing data for merging into Commercial Toolbox

Database Development and Data Mining

Monthly Listing Reports

Market Monitoring Reports

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Some examples of how things get done…

We do things how your team needs them done. Having accumulated years of experience completing processes we understand that, whilst similar, most Offices do things slightly differently. Subsequently our onboarding system is bespoke but simple. So if you want things done your way… No problem. But should you need some help to lock down a process… We can help here too. Below are some examples of the things VA’s do in Commercial Sales Administration….

Data Hygiene

Clean data is essential to maximise the return from your database. Clean data is the foundation of a database and ongoing maintenance is essential.

Data Import – Spreadsheet preparation

When adding new data into a CRM sorting, de-duping, categorising and editing is an essential task to ensure that information added to the database is clean and correct.

Commercial Toolbox Audit / Health check

Conducting regular audits of a database ensures that issues are identified and thus actionable to ensure the health of the database and thus its usability is maintained.

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