Client Background:

The client is a real estate company based in Australia, with a large sales operation. They approached REassist to help with a project to review all properties found on each street from PriceFinder and cross-check it in VaultRE if it exists, and the current owner is linked/attached. The objective of the project was to categorise current owners as ‘Property Owners’ and detach past owners and attach current owners, ensuring that their Sales Agents had current and accurate data to work with.

Project Overview:

The project involved ownership verification and VaultRE prospecting, with a duration of 29 days. REassist assigned three Virtual Assistants (VAs) to the project, with a total of 5,130 properties from project commencement, consisting of 242 streets under three suburbs. The REassist VAs were tasked with verifying ownership and categorising the properties into ‘Property Owners’ if the current owners were attached.

Project Execution:

REassist started the project by assigning the task to the three VAs. The VAs were trained on the project requirements and were given access to the necessary tools, including PriceFinder and VaultRE. They were also provided with a detailed project plan outlining the steps to be taken in ownership verification and Vault prospecting.

The VAs started the project by reviewing all the properties found on each street from PriceFinder and cross-checking them in VaultRE. They used advanced search functions to identify the properties and their corresponding owners, and then verified whether the current owners were attached or not. If current owners were attached, they were categorised as ‘Property Owners.’

In cases where past owners were attached, the VAs detached them and attached the current owners to the property. This ensured that the property records in VaultRE were up to date and accurate. In cases where both contact and property were not found or not existing in VaultRE, the VA team added them through ‘Vault Prospecting.’ This way, the contact and property were added in VaultRE with the details identical to the ones in PriceFinder.

The REasist Virtual Assistants worked on a total of 5,130 properties during the project duration, ensuring that each property was accurately categorised in VaultRE.

Project Outcome:

REassist successfully completed the project within the 29-day timeline. All 5,130 properties were accurately categorised in VaultRE, ensuring that the real estate company had up-to-date and accurate property records. The client was satisfied with the outcome of the project and commended REassist for their professionalism and attention to detail.


The ownership verification and VaultRE prospecting project for the real estate company was a success, thanks to the REassist’s diligent and professional approach to the project. The VAs were able to categorise all 5,130 properties accurately in VaultRE, ensuring that the client had accurate and up-to-date property records. The project demonstrated the importance of accurate property records in real estate management and how REassist can help in ensuring such accuracy.

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